Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spider Plant and Orchid Blooms

Spider Plant


Friday, December 21, 2007

Rio Grande Tapestry Weaving - Falling Leaves

This latest weaving is done in the Rio Grande style of Chimayo weaving in autumn colors. The style has developed over the years from plain stripes to stripes with embellishments.
Falling Leaves; size 34 x 60; price $200.00

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Bluebirds Are Back

Twice a year we see the Western Bluebirds in this area. They are a little larger than a sparrow with blue heads, tails and wings, and rusty red breasts and back.

Western Bluebirds

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chief's Blanket

The Chief's Blanket is finished, pressed, and ready for display. This is a difficult piece to weave and I'm happy it's done.

Detail of blanket

Chief's Blanket in Four Colors; size 34 x 59 inches; price $850.00

Please send an email to purchase. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Two of my orchids are going to bloom soon. I uses little hair clips to clip the shoot to a supporting stick.

White orchid

Pink orchid

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chief's Blanket in Four Colors

This Chief's Blanket was started three days ago by choosing the colors and winding the yarn. The weaving has a Dark Red campo (field) with Dark Brown, Tan, and Natural White.

Chief's Blanket in Four Colors

Detail of the first designs

The Chief's Blanket has one large design in the center with two half designs at both ends. The blanket is wrapped around so that the large center design is in the center back and the four half designs wrap around to the front and meet to form two designs as is illustrated in the photograph below. The Native American woman pictured here is wearing a blanket the way a Chief would.
Jake Gold with Native American Woman
History Library, Palace of the Governors

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Multi Color Table Top Weavings

For the past few days I have been weaving small table top weavings in multi color. These charming pieces are done to use up small amounts of wool left over from other weavings.

The warp is split into thirds in order to weave smaller weavings.

Small table top multi color weavings 11 x 12 inches;
price $20.00 each or two for $35.00

The weavings can be used for an assortment of things, the most common being placed on top of a small accent table, to accent a plant or vase, or as a placemat on the dinner table.

All weavings are 100 percent virgin wool and may be hand washed, vacuum cleaned, or dry cleaned.

Please send me an email if you wish to make a purchase.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saltillo Sarape in Purple

After dancing on the loom for several hours yesterday, I was able to finish the Saltillo Sarape in Purple.

Saltillo Sarape in Purple; size 34 x 40; price $200.00 SOLD

You can pay me through my PayPal account at:
Click on the send money tab and enter:
Then enter the $ amount GOODS. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.
Specify the items you want to buy. Thank you for your interest.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Saltillo Sarape Weaving in Purple

This weaving is in the style of Saltillo, Mexico which has morphed into the Chimayo Style. Weavings with a large serrate design in the middle are called sarapes. This sarape was started three days ago and last night I reached the center.

Saltillo sarape weaving in purple

When I first tried this design I was unable to finish the second half because it was confusing. Then I was told that it is a mirror image of the first half and with that I was able to complete the second half. Creating a mirror image means doing everything the opposite of the first half.

The colors are purple (campo or field), black, indigo, light gray, natural white, and light yellow which are used in the sanefa (band) and in the center serrete design in the same order.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Time

I always know when Christmas is nigh because my Christmas cactus blooms.

Christmas cactus in full bloom

Monday, November 26, 2007

Los Lonely Boys Concert

Los Lonley Boys, Henry (guitarist), Jojo (bass guitar) Ringo (drummer)

Just got back from Mesaclero and the final Los Lonely Boys show for the 2007 Tour. The boys perfromed by themselves, no opening band, no dad and they were great. It was a Henry Garza show all the way because they performed eight of Henry's songs and five of Jojo's. The set list went like this:

I Ain't Nobody's Fool
Nobody Else
My Way
Never Met A Woman
Crazy Dream
Cottonfields & Crossroads
Man To Beat
Feliz Navidad
More Than Love

Henry's songs are the blues/rock songs like Cottonfields & Crossroads and Man To Beat along with the songs he wrote and have deep meaning for him like Hollywood, Nobody Else, My Way, and Heaven.

The Inn of the Mountain Gods, Mescalero, New Mexico

The view from my room at the resort was breath taking.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Photograph for Sale

This photo is of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at Santa Fe. It was taken from the south coming from Albuquerque and shows some of the distinct images such as the Snoopy Head and the Horses Head. There is some glare off the glass which the flash picked up, however, the photo is flawless.

Sangre de Cristo Mountians at Santa Fe, photo size, 16" x 20"; price $80.00

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Saddle Blanket in Indigo: Third in a Series

The indigo saddle blanket and the third in the series is finished. It is unique to the series yet follows the basic design of the prior two. This weaving and the prior weaving will remain on the loom until several more weavings are completed. Then they all will be removed and the warp tied.

Indigo Saddle Blanket: Third in a series; price $325.00

Friday, November 16, 2007

Red Western Saddle Blanket, Second in a Series

The red western saddle blanket is finished.

The next saddle blanket will be the third in the series and will be in indigo blue, dark brown and natural white.

The sale price for the Red Saddle Blanket is $325.00

Please send an email for purchase instructions. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Red Hot Saddle Blanket

I love working in red. It's a color I love thus this saddle blanket project is a pleasure to work on. This piece is the second in a series of saddle blankets I will be weaving this season.

The pattern is woven in along the edges of the piece

For this saddle blanket I chose my favorite border, shown below. The right side will show at the back end of the horse and this is where I will weave my signature, a triangle.

The right border of the weaving

The left border

Monday, November 12, 2007

Small Paintings for Sale

These paintings are for sale and because they need to be matted and framed better, they are selling at bargain prices. The media is acrylic on canvas and the paintings would be suitable for a work space or an office

The top pic is "Rio Chama Bosque #2; 5" x 7"; price $40.00 (SOLD)
The blue is "Cactus Flowers", 5" x 7"; price $35.00 (SOLD)
The bottom is "Cerro Perdenal at Abiquiu Lake; 4" x 5"; price $35.00
To purchase, please click on 'Profile' and send me an email. Thank you.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Matias Rides Estrella with Saddle Blanket

Estrella models the finished saddle blanket with Matias riding and mom, Erian, close by. Estrella is a small horse and the saddle blanket is a little oversized for her. Estrella was not broken using the traditional cowboy method. Rather, Erian, is using horse whispering to tame Estrella.

Matias rides Estrella with mom, Erian, close by.

Off the loom, the saddle blanket is finished

I decided to keep this one. Not for sale.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Finishing the Saddle Blanket: Weaving Demonstration

The video demonstration is a good visual to see how the project comes together.

Weaving demonstration video

The second border is complete and the saddle blanket is done. The warp is cut about 4 inches long and after tying off and trimming the warp, the saddle blanket will be ready to be worn on a horse riding down the road in a parade.

Still on the loom, the finished saddle blanket.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

At the Governor's Mansion

This summer Agueda Martinez, grandmother, was honored for her achievements in weaving and folk-art with a Historic Women Highway Marker to be placed near her home in Medanales.

The Serranos enjoy the buffet and mingle with the women who made the nomination come true for the Agueda Martinez family.

The Serranos pose for a picture with First Lady Richardson

The committee who made the Historic Women Highway Marker possible

Monday, November 5, 2007

Good Morning New Mexico

This morning I awoke to a beautiful sunrise and it makes me feel great to live in such a beautiful place. The morning star and moon were captivating and enchanting.

What a great way to start the day!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saddle Blanket in Three Colors

After a few hours of dancing on the loom, my saddle blanket project is coming along nicely. I am just a few inches away from the center. When the project is completed, the saddle blanket will measure 34 x 36 inches. Today I spoke to my cousin and he agreed to have his horse, Estrella, model the finished saddle blanket.

Day Trip to Albuquerque

My sister and I took a day trip to Albuquerque and drove through Santa Fe. Without slowing down or stopping, I managed to get some good pictures. This is a picture of the beautiful and majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains at Santa Fe that add to the beauty of the capital city.

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains at Santa Fe taken facing North from Albuquerque

This is a picture of the descent from Santa Fe to Cochiti Pueblo also called La bajada.

La bajada from Santa Fe to Albuquerque with Rio Grande Bosque

The next photo was taken to show that the concrete barriers holding tons of earth along Hwy285/84 is slipping and soon may crash onto the highway. Better get some engineers out there soon.

A little problem at Exit 599 that needs some attention

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saddle Blanket In Three Colors

The picture to the left shows the pattern I created in Excel for my saddle blanket project. The border or banda is in dark brown and natural white.
The center where the saddle sits will be dusty blue. Cadejos, small hand wound bobbins, are used for the labor design, and the lanzadera is used for the campo or field.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rio Chama With Starbust Embellishments

Rag rug in polyester by Georgia Serrano
The jerga pictured (left) was woven by my mother, Georgia Serrano, and is now among the International Folk Art Foundation Collections at the Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In designing and creating this master piece, Mrs. Serrano used all polyester fabrics

that she first cut into strips then spun and wove. The jerga is unique not only in its pattern, Rio Chama with starburst embellishments en la movida rapido but in it's unique component, polyster, as well.

This pattern evolved through the weavings of Agueda Martinez and Georgia Serrano along with the weavings of Doña Agueda's other daughters most of whom have attained national recognition in their own right. This time honored pattern that evolved through my family will always be a favorite.

Georgia Serrano learned to weave as a young child just as her mother before here. After raising her children, Mrs. Serrano wove for many years for Ortega's Weaving Shop in Chimayo. She still weaves at her home studio in Medanales at the age 82 and I suppose she has 20 good years left in her judging by the age her mother stopped weaving.

Mrs. Serrano is shown in the picture below as she works at her loom in 1986

Agueda Martinez is pictured at the left with one of her large weavings in the traditional Chimayo Style with two small and one large diamond design between two bands.

Doña Agueda loved to weave and spent many hours dancing on her loom.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Full Moon over Med

I took this picture of the full moon this morning with my camera zoomed in to its fullest level.

There are many witch stores that originated from this area around the Rio Chama. It has been said that La Llorona wanders around in the bosque crying and looking for her children that were drowned in the river. She cries loudly all night when she is able to see from the light of the full moon.

This pic was taken last night then I edited for Halloween, only five days away.
Hope the kids like it and hope they like the candy I'm giving away this year. I have Nestle's Crunch bars and Baby Ruth miniatures. At least the one's I haven't eaten already.
All witches will certainly be out on Oct 31, looking for little children to roast and eat for supper. Watch out! The witch will get you if you wander too close to the Rio Chama Bosque on Halloween night.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just Another Day

Agueda Martinez (1898 - 2000)
My grandmother, my inspiration, working on her loom at home Medanales, New Mexico in 1995.

Below is her now famous weaving that was purchased by the Smithsoinian in 1997. You can see the similaraties between my grandmother's weaving and the two weavings I wove pictured below. As the years went by grandma added more and more labor to her weavings. Labor means to labor and weaving is a labor or love. The Spanish word labor describes the part of the weaving that takes the most time, or the designs within the weaving.

Jerga Rag Rug Weave by Agueda Martinez
Owned by The Smithsonian since 1997

In the Jerga on the left, there are only a few areas where there is no labor. These areas are at the beginning and end and between the bands where only stripes are used. Of course, the more time spent by the weaver will make the weaving more costly to the buyer.

Grandma always said, "Me gusta mucho tejer y siempre estoy bailando en el telar." ("I love to weave, and I am always dancing on the loom.")

Another Day - Paul McCartney
Every day she takes a morning bath, she wets her hair
Wraps a towel around herAs she's heading for the bedroom chair
It's Just Another Day

Slipping into stockings
Stepping into shoes
Dipping in the pocket of her raincoat
Ah, it's just another day.

At the office where the papers grow she takes a break
Drinks another coffeeAnd she finds it hard to stay awake,
It's just another day

It's just another day
It's just another aay.

Ay so sad, so sad
Sometimes she feels so sad

Alone in her apartment she'd dwell
Till the man of her dreams comes to break the spell
Ah, stay
Don't stand around

And he comes; and he stays
But he leaves the next day
So sadSometimes she feels so sad

As she posts another letter to the sound of five
People gather 'round her
And she finds it hard to stay alive
It's Just Another Day

It's Just Another Day
It's Just Another Day

AySo sad, so sadSometimes she feels so sad
Alone in her apartment she'd dwell
Till the man of her dreams comes to break the spell

Paul has always been my favorite Beatle.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lonely Weavings #1 & 2 and More

Here are some of my weavings. These are for sale by special order and I would be honored to weave one for you.

A Lonely Weaving #2

Lonely Weaving #2; 33" x 53" ; Price $850.00

Another style of weaving that I learned from my Grandmother, Agueda Martinez, is the Rio Grande shown below. This one is the Starburst Design in Fall Colors, it is done in the Movida Despacio or slow move.

Rio Grande Starburst in Fall Colors, movida despacio; 33" x 53" ; price $550.00 SOLD

Here's a bit of a twist of the same design with color and weaving changes. This is done in the movida rapido or fast move, which gives it a bit of an eye dazzler look.

Rio Grande Starburst in Fall Colors Movida Rapido; 33" x 53" ; price $550.00 SOLD

You can pay me through my PayPal account at:
Click on the send money tab and enter:
Then enter the $ amount and select GOODS. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Feel free to send me an email at to discuss your order.
Thank you for your interest.